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Our Mission

Axis Protection, LLC (AP) is more than a security company, we are a crime prevention company. AP specializes in detecting and mitigating criminal activity. Nothing is more important to our company than achieving a safe and secure environment for our employees and clients. Axis Protection functions on the fundamentals of honesty, integrity, training and a professional positive attitude.

Our Objective

How we positively affect every situation

  • The prevention of crime, for clients and affiliates.
  • Positive and Professional Attitude that promotes success and growth.
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Constant state of re-evaluating and evolving the security we provide with each new situation we’re faced with. We provide progressive security.

Our Team

Your Company has continually proven to outperform the competition. Our management staff is compiled with former Police Officers, career Military Members and is backed by the best Human Resources and support staff in the industry. Having performed security for some of the highest-level security contracts, managing security details for government assets, private companies as well as the wealthy. It is through this training, education, and experience that we train each of our guards to be the best security officers, in training, attitude and professionalism alike.

Our Management team is an added resource to your organization; we have a dedicated team that is in place to assist you. In addition to the officer(s) you are provided, you have direct access to our administrative and executive staff to ensure your security needs are addressed and future concerns are mitigated.

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